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Ringblingz Is Wearable Tech That Helps Teens Stay Connected

Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 in Gadgets, Startup | 0 comments

clueless_phonesThe lack of wearable technology created just for teenagers is surprising, especially when you consider how tech-obsessed kids are: the average American teen spends 7.5 hours consuming media, while 70% of 13 to 17 year olds now own a smartphone. A new startup called Ringblingz wants to tap into this potentially lucrative market.

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OpenTable Buys Ness For $17.3M To Beef Up Mobile And Restaurant Recommendations

Posted by on Feb 6, 2014 in Startup | 0 comments

ness-launchscreenRestaurant reservation platform OpenTable, gearing up to announce its earnings any minute now, also has some other news: the company has acquired Ness Computing, makers of the personalized restaurant recommendations app Ness. It’s an all-cash transaction that OpenTable says is worth $17.3 million, although it comes with cash in Ness’s coffers that brings the net value to $11.3 million.

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LinkedIn Snatches Up Data Savvy Job Search Startup For $120M, In Its Largest Acquisition To Date

Posted by on Feb 6, 2014 in LinkedIn, Startup | 0 comments

linkedin_logoToday, alongside a fourth quarter earnings report in which it beat Wall Street estimates yet again, LinkedIn announced its intentions to acquire data-savvy job search startup,, for $120 million. The deal, which was 70 percent stock and 30 percent cash the company said, will be completed during the first quarter of this year. In a statement today, LinkedIn said that “several members of Bright’s team,” which now numbers over 50 –particularly those on its engineering and product teams — will be joining LinkedIn in the coming weeks. However, one notices that the announcement conspicuously leaves out any mention of Bright’s founders and whether or not they will be joining LinkedIn’s team in Mountain View. Either way, what is clear is that, unfortunately for users and loyalists, as a result of the acquisition, access to the startup’s job search products will continue until February 28th, at which point it LinkedIn will pull the plug. Why did LinkedIn buy Bright, you ask, and whatever happened to that fella? While we can’t answer for the latter, we do know that the purchase is the latest in a fairly short string of acquisitions LinkedIn has made over the last two years. No Yahoo by any means, LinkedIn has been methodically and strategically picking off startups that will either help expand its growing professional content network or its talent solutions products. It more or less began with LinkedIn’s acquisition of popular email-embedded contact management tool, Rapportive, for around $15 million in early 2012. Since then, as LinkedIn’s public-facing product has put more emphasis on facilitating content-sharing rather than contact-sharing, it’s picked up popular presentation, slideshow and document sharing network, SlideShare, for $119 million and made its big news reader play by snatching up Pulse for $90 million. The acquisition, at least in this context, appears to be a return to home base, and LinkedIn’s first acquisition of any product or startup operating on its home turf — i.e. the job search and professional networking market. As such, this could very likely have been a “defensive” play to acquire an increasingly popular “competitor” before it turned into a behemoth. Granted, generally speaking, has traditionally competed more with the old denizens of the job search space like CareerBuilder and Monster, allowing users and job seekers to search for jobs that match their interests. However, Bright’s core value proposition has been that

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Slovak Startup Datamolino Bags €500K To Make Accountants’ Lives Less Boring

Posted by on Feb 6, 2014 in Startup | 0 comments

DatamolinoSpare a thought for accountants. Slovak startup Datamolino has, by building a platform for SMEs to cut through the tedium of manual data entry of invoices and receipts, and it’s proving to be a lucrative idea — as the b2b startup has just bagged €500,000 ($680K) in seed funding, and is already in discussions for raising a full Series A.

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Minuum Virtual Keyboard Maker Whirlscape Lands $500K From Y Combinator, BDC And More

Posted by on Feb 6, 2014 in Gadgets, Startup | 0 comments

WHIRLSCAPE INC. - New Mobile Keyboard MinuumToronto-based startup Whirlscape has secured $500,000 in seed funding in a round that included Y Combinator, FundersClub, BDC Venture Capital and more, the company announced today. The startup created Minuum, a software keyboard that reduces occupied screen real estate to a single line, and that works with a range of devices, including wearables with small screens – or no screens at all. The company launched its Minuum beta last year, and then made the software available to all on Google Play as a paid app later on. The 10-employee team has not only shown the value of its software on traditional hardware like smartphones, but also on devices breaking new ground in emerging categories, such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear, as seen in the video below. Minuum made its debut on Indiegogo, where it managed to raise $87,354 over the course of its crowdfunding campaign, or almost nine times its original $10,000 goal. There’s a clear continued interest in alternative input methods for mobile devices, as evidenced by the success of others including Fleksy and SwiftKey. Growing interest in wearable tech, and the prospect of devices from major players like Google and Apple on the horizon have only served to fuel additional interest in alternative input methods for text and numbers. “We’re working with a number of wearable device partners to try and really demonstrate the potential that Minuum has on their devices,” explained co-founder and CEO Will Walmsley in an interview. “I can’t get much more specific, but definitely there are a couple of smartwatches that we’re working with, and a couple of devices beyond smartwatches, too.” Besides building wearable integrations, Whirlscape is also going to focus on growing its Android user base and engagement stats, leading up to the YC demo day in March, after which point Walmsley says they’ll probably turn their attention to bringing on new talent to add to the existing ten-person team. There will be a big reward for the first company to make it easy to do text input on a tiny, wrist-borne screen if the interest in smartwatches from big OEMs continues, so Whirlscape is smart to be trying to solve that problem early on.

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Crowdfunder Raises Another Million Ahead Of International Expansions

Posted by on Feb 6, 2014 in Crowdfunding, Startup | 0 comments

crowdfundingCrowdfunder, the Venice-based crowdfunding platform which helps to connect entrepreneurs and investors, particularly in the area of local investment, has raised an additional million in seed funding, the company is announcing today. The funds will help the company further expand its activities outside the U.S., as well as continue development of its subscription-based fundraising and marketing platform for entrepreneurs. Participating in the round were 500 Startups / 500 Mexico, Rob Nail (CEO of Singularity University), K5 Ventures, Ben Goldhirsh (CEO of GOOD), Sharon Chang (CEO of Yoxi), a Banamex Director (a small business bank in Mexico), and other U.S. and Latin American individual investors. The company says this brings its total raise to date to just under $2 million. Founded in 2011, and launched the following spring, Crowdfunder’s initial focus was on making connections between startups, small businesses, and other for-profit enterprises through local events. While still an ongoing focus today, changes to the regulatory environment around six months allowed the platform to open up more broadly to accredited investors. Specifically, the SEC issued “No-Action” letters, plus Crowdfunder benefitted from Title 2 of the JOBS Act, which allows companies to now publicly solicit funding. Since then, Crowdfunder has funded 13 deals in the seed and Series A stage, with an average deal size of about $1.2 million. The majority of those are tech startups, but others are social enterprises and small businesses. To date, $55 million in investment deal flow has come through Crowdfunder, the company says. Today, Crowdfunder has seen 40,000 entrepreneurs and investors on its platform, which includes 7,000 companies who converted to paying accounts. A smaller portion of these accounts are active at present, as the companies generally pay the premium during their active fundraising process. Instead of taking a percentage of the funds raised, Crowdfunder instead charges companies a flat fee based on how much they’re raising, and other factors, like whether or not they want a featured position on the site. Its packages start at $99/month and go up to $999/month, the latter which is more typically used by those funding their Series A. Thanks to the new investment, the plan is now introduce an additional tier to this service which will better centralize the fundraising process for entrepreneurs into more of a CRM system, by allowing them to tap into their social networks, and pull in their Gmail contacts to help figure out who you

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