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Mooshimeter Is A Smarter Multimeter That Works As A Wireless Extension Of Your Smartphone

Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 in Crowdfunding, Gadgets | 0 comments

mooshimeterThe presence of Bluetooth LE/4.0 in the latest generations of smartphones and tablets has let to an explosion of hardware/sensor add-ons that extend the capabilities of the mobile devices we all now carry around with us. Here’s the latest example: an updating of the digital multimeter, called the Mooshimeter, that brings circuit testing abilities to your smartphone in app form.

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Crowdfunder Raises Another Million Ahead Of International Expansions

Posted by on Feb 6, 2014 in Crowdfunding, Startup | 0 comments

crowdfundingCrowdfunder, the Venice-based crowdfunding platform which helps to connect entrepreneurs and investors, particularly in the area of local investment, has raised an additional million in seed funding, the company is announcing today. The funds will help the company further expand its activities outside the U.S., as well as continue development of its subscription-based fundraising and marketing platform for entrepreneurs. Participating in the round were 500 Startups / 500 Mexico, Rob Nail (CEO of Singularity University), K5 Ventures, Ben Goldhirsh (CEO of GOOD), Sharon Chang (CEO of Yoxi), a Banamex Director (a small business bank in Mexico), and other U.S. and Latin American individual investors. The company says this brings its total raise to date to just under $2 million. Founded in 2011, and launched the following spring, Crowdfunder’s initial focus was on making connections between startups, small businesses, and other for-profit enterprises through local events. While still an ongoing focus today, changes to the regulatory environment around six months allowed the platform to open up more broadly to accredited investors. Specifically, the SEC issued “No-Action” letters, plus Crowdfunder benefitted from Title 2 of the JOBS Act, which allows companies to now publicly solicit funding. Since then, Crowdfunder has funded 13 deals in the seed and Series A stage, with an average deal size of about $1.2 million. The majority of those are tech startups, but others are social enterprises and small businesses. To date, $55 million in investment deal flow has come through Crowdfunder, the company says. Today, Crowdfunder has seen 40,000 entrepreneurs and investors on its platform, which includes 7,000 companies who converted to paying accounts. A smaller portion of these accounts are active at present, as the companies generally pay the premium during their active fundraising process. Instead of taking a percentage of the funds raised, Crowdfunder instead charges companies a flat fee based on how much they’re raising, and other factors, like whether or not they want a featured position on the site. Its packages start at $99/month and go up to $999/month, the latter which is more typically used by those funding their Series A. Thanks to the new investment, the plan is now introduce an additional tier to this service which will better centralize the fundraising process for entrepreneurs into more of a CRM system, by allowing them to tap into their social networks, and pull in their Gmail contacts to help figure out who you

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Celery Raises $2 Million To Help Makers Accept Pre-Orders And Take Payments When Ready To Ship

Posted by on Feb 5, 2014 in Crowdfunding | 0 comments

celery-faraday-mobileY Combinator-backed Celery is a “pre-commerce” platform that’s made it easier for the large — and growing — number of hardware manufacturers to accept pre-orders for their goods. And it just raised $2 million to do so.

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Lumo Lift Wearable Seeing Upwards Of 400 Pre-Orders Per Day As Campaign Nears $1M

Posted by on Feb 5, 2014 in Crowdfunding, Gadgets, Startup | 0 comments

abby-sensoron-vhThe Lumo Lift is the second product from startup Lumo BodyTech, and the second to help users with their posture. The Lumo Back was the first, and it raised around $200,000 in 40 days on Kickstarter. This time, Lumo opted to do the crowdfunding themselves, and the trajectory of the latest device has been quite different: Lumo Lift is at over $900,000 raised as of this writing, just under a month into the pre-order period. That adds up to nearly 13,000 pre-orders, and totals about $32,000 per day raised thus far. The original Lumo Back campaign managed around $5,000 per day, or roughly one-sixth as much. Interest isn’t really waning the way it has a tendency to do with these kinds of campaigns, either – between Jan. 28 and Feb. 3, there were 3,149 pre-orders in total, which was close to on par with the very first week after a couple of weeks of slower, but still strong interest, as you can see from the chart below. “It’s going well for a couple reasons,” explained Lumo founder and CEO Monisha Perkash in an interview. “Lumo Lift really differs from other wearable tech because it’s customizable to different fashion tastes. It’s really wearable tech that’s more than just tech: It’s fashionable tech. Also […] it focuses on bringing out the more confident, more attractive, the healthier you and that requires both staying active as well as good posture and we’re the only solution in the market that can do both.” Interest in the campaign has produced some interesting demographic insight, too. Lumo has found that the majority of pre-order interest is from male customers, who are responsible for just over 67 percent of all orders. The U.S. is the big market for the Lift, unsurprisingly, with 86.7 percent of all orders, while 92.5 percent of sales come from the combined English-speaking countries of the U.S., U.K., Australia and Canada. White is the most popular color choice with 54 percent of purchases, while 26 percent preferred black and silver trailed both with just 20 percent. The difference between the initial campaign and this one is staggering – Lumo Lift will almost certainly exceed $1 million in pre-orders, likely before the week is out, which is five times what the startup accomplished on Kickstarter for the Lumo Back. I asked Perkash about how the two experiences compare. “There are pros and cons of

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Prefundia, A Platform For Crowdfunding Projects To Gain Backers Ahead Of Launch, Exits Beta

Posted by on Nov 10, 2013 in Crowdfunding, Gadgets, Startup | 0 comments

Prefundia_LogoPrefundia wants to help crowdfunding projects get backers before they launch their campaign. The startup, for startup it is — launching out of U.S. accelerator Boomstartup this summer — has been operating in beta for the past three months, and has just released some early performance data as it opens its doors to the public.

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Need To Print Teeny-Weenie Things? The LumiFold Has You Covered

Posted by on Sep 30, 2013 in Crowdfunding, Gadgets | 0 comments

I never thought I’d see the day when someone would find a reason to build a wee tiny foldable 3D printer that can make things about as big as a few matchboxes. This printer, called the LumiFold, is a 3D printer with a build envelope of 90x90x90mm and uses UV sensitive resin to print fairly high-quality objects in a few minutes.

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